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Fernando Castillo Photography



Fernando Castillo Photography, Wedding Photographer at Los Cabos, Destination Wedding

Throughout my career as a professional photographer and with an exceptional training in to the photojournalism, I realized the importance of photography in society and I dare to say that we live in a world completely dominated by the image. The photos relate events, communicate and transmit a series of unimaginable feelings. Photography is a way of expression for me and this is why I have dedicated my life to the photography and still enjoy my work with professionalism, dedication and love, because I know how important it is for you to appreciate and remember great times thru an image. Now my goal is that your Wedding Photography cause a great feeling and a great remember for you and your love ones forever, because I´m going to do your images with the same professionalism and dedication that characterizes me.

I get very excite when a couple wants to know me before the wedding, this means that they are appreciating my work and I will not be another service at their wedding, so I feel very comfortable and happy and this situation makes me think that I will be attending the wedding of wonderful people in a wonderful day, my intention is to feel it and make the wedding pictures as if they were my friends and not one more customer.
Creating a relationship of intimacy and trust with the couple will emerge a really emotive and funny pictures, something very important and we must not leave out is the confidence, the couple can trust me and my professionalism.

The merit that my photos reach to many people is not mine, are from my couples who are special people.


I worked for National and international publications like, Time magazine, Newsweek, National Geographic and Paris Match. My work has been recognized along my carrer, I won the National Cultural Journalism Prize "Fernando Benítez", the first place in the International Competition "Miradas en Movimiento" organized by the Manuel Álvarez Bravo Photographic Center, first place in the Photojournalism Biennal in the political category, Currently got the second place in the Festival Photosensible Sudcaliforniano of Instituto de Cultura and the Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (CONACULTA), Second Place in the XXXI Antropologic Photo Contest of the Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia (ENAH).

I have participated in several exhibitions, "Si muero Lejos de Ti" in Italy; "La Santa" in the  Semana Negra de Gigon, Spain; in the Museum of Diego Rivera and the Centro de la Imagen, these latter two in Mexico City





IMG_9525 copia.jpg




A Couple Enjoy Their Moment During the Sunset at Los Cabos, Destination Wedding. Photo: Fernando Castillo Photography

"Creating Memories  that             will last Forever"


Los Cabos The Best Place for a Romantic Photoshooting and engagment
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